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December 14th, 2005
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haha...thanks serena
16 andscream

December 1st, 2005
[ mood | peaceful ]

My parents are spying on me.
Therefore, no television for a week.
I'm kind of glad, maybe this will help my tv addiction, but still, I'm home without them everyday for about an hour. I might be tempted to push the power button.

Well, Im outta here on the 17th!
Goodbye Fort Myers, Hello New York City.
Wee! I'm excited.

I need some Christmas present ideas. So help me out!

I hate people, they are fucking annoying.


Kick you all the wayy to Chinatown [Tuesday
November 22nd, 2005
[ mood | dorky ]

I need you guys to do something for me. At school, when you see me just start randomly punching me, kicking me, slapping me, whatever, this is the one time I give you permission to abuse me. Not to hard though, because if you cross the line I will definitely bitch slap you. I know this is a weird request but I need to spontaneously come up with some techniques. Soo, please please help me out! Actually tell me before you decide to beat me to the ground. Oh and be careful when you playfully slap me.

Alright, anyway, I will update on my wonderful life. Its life...not much more to say.

Saw Harry Potter, which deserves to be mention in the coolest livejournal ever, mine. A tad disappointing, I was hanging on my seat waiting for some more action. And Lord Voldermont was just creepy, having slits as nostrils, yuck. And he looked all slimy. Maybe his ugliness provoked him to get revenge on the world because everyone was prettier than him. Haha, everything is so superficial to me. Anyway, I've decided Im going to take school more seriously. So that means I'm actually going to try to take time to study...so bye.

5 andscream

Boo! [Monday
October 31st, 2005
[ mood | satisfied ]


me and sarahburrito yelled "TRICK OR TREAT and HAPPY HALLOWEEN" to just about everyone, even the dogs.
i was a cat. of course. sarah was a fairy. but not just any fairy. a tooth fairy, who was very generous and gave her candy to the little children so their teeth would rot and fall out and she could bring them shiny quarters. and after that we taped our phone numbers to these cute boys mail box. we went to their house only three times, which was not that much considering their immeasurable hotness. mmm...now we will be up all night awaiting their call. ha. and then we looked at some boys beautifuly luscious lips, which honestly have got to be the most perfect lips ever created. i have never seen such flawless lips. the perfect man would have these lips, a god would have these lips, do you understand how incredible these lips are. no. you wont. unless you see them. you cant even imagine them. anyway that was my wondeful night summarized. hope you all got lots of nonposionous, razor blade free candy. :-)

1 andscream

October 25th, 2005
[ mood | horny ]


my name is austin cooner
and im spending the night at brooke's tonight

i know, its a shock to you all
but its true
i'm going to be sleeping 13 feet away from her
if i had it my way, we would be kissing and cuddling all night long
cause i think thats a lot better than sex


so yea, we're gonna go and have best friend talks and braid each other's hair

2 andscream

October 24th, 2005
No School Tomorrow!!!!!! Yay!!!

the world is coming to an end! [Monday
October 24th, 2005
[ mood | drunkk ]


mmm another one of my entries that is oh so entertaining. i know you all live for this stuff!

so yesterday i went to the mall and saw the hottest guy. i am not kidding at all. he was amazing. he went up to me and asked me if i wanted to go somewhere with him!?!?!!!!! so i said yes because he was totally a hottie. so we went in his car and he was speeding down 41 heading to somewhere (jeeez looking back at it i really couldve gotten hurt) and a cop pulled him over! just my luck. anyways. they got into a fight and the cop won, she. yes, SHE asked me where i came from and i made up a story that he mugged me! so she took me back to the mall and my mom picked me up like nothing ever happened! he is in a lot of trouble
never even knew his name :(


doesnt that look like amanda?^

well im braiding my dads hair right now cause we are having a gigantic family sleepover! so much fun. you all WISH you could have a 'sleepover' with my whole family ;)

i am in love with austin cooner, i cant hold it back

oh gosh, i didnt just say that

OH! one more story for you.
last night i snuck out for 3 hours! my friend emily and i went out picking mushrooms. i took some and all the trees in brynwood started talking to me! hahaha it was incredible. you all should try it with me

okay, that story wasnt true
i dont have a friend called emily
and ive never done shrooms
(except for that one time, but that doesnt count)


okay bye

1 andscream

October 5th, 2005
[ mood | weird ]

Tagged by blue_poison14
List seven of your favourite songs of the moment in your journal and tag seven other people to repeat this process.

1) Never Live It Down / Riddlin' Kids
2) Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Timorous Me
3) A.C. Newman / On the Table
4) Relient K / Getting Into You
5) Aqueduct / Hardcore days and Softcore Nights
6) Courtney Jaye / Can't Behave
7) Imogen Heap / Say Goodnight and Go

I tag whoever doesnt mind doing this stupid thing....!

3 andscream

October 4th, 2005
[ mood | silly ]

I love good music.
It makes me all tingly and ridiculously happy.

2 andscream

September 23rd, 2005
[ mood | Yet...I'm still hungry ]

I don't think I could possibly feel worse.

3 andscream

September 22nd, 2005
I lost my paycheck.

I must be cursed.

So don't hang out with me because my bad luck will rub off on you.

EDIT: I have had two guys offer their undying love for me today.
I turned them down. That must have hurt.
3 andscream

I'm mad [Wednesday
September 21st, 2005
[ mood | pissed off ]

You know what happens to evil bus drivers?
Nothing. They drive around until old age and die.
But my bus driver is lucky.
I'm going to strap her to the top of the bus and and push it into the ocean.
This is how much I hate my bus driver.

She fucking makes me sit in the the back of the bus just because I asked a kid why he was sitting in the front of the bus...I DIDN'T KNOW SHE ASSIGNED SEATS THAT MORNING. So "nosy" me asks him and then she starts yelling at me, telling me I get into everyones business...what the fuck? SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW ME. And then she tells me to go all the way to the back...I don't of course. I didn't do anything wrong. And then she gets mad at me again yelling, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T...YOU DIDN'T..OH NO." Oh well you know what, I DID. DID WHAT? SHE MUST BE DEMENTED SINCE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHES TALKING ABOUT. THENNN... she sends me to the last seat in the bus, which doesn't even have a number above it because its in the reject section and everyone is two seats away from. Its like I was diseased, she had to keep me away from everyone else. And I think well this is stupid, I'm going to move up a seat...which I do....until she yells at me again and I cant hear her because the air conditioning is on full blast so everyone turns around is like uhh... Brooke, shes talking to you. So I paste the most fucking sarcastic smile on, which im proud of, pick my books up, throw them on the seat and sit down. And then I had fantasies of me beating her ass and throwing her out the front window.

And now I'm going to go do Chemistry

I hope you all had a wonderful day like mine.

5 andscream

September 6th, 2005
[ mood | bipolar ]

Yo homies

I really hate updating and I have a lot of stuff to do, so it makes sense that I should update right now.

So...I went to West Virginia, ate all the food I could possibly fit in my stomach, danced all night long to arabic music and went to build-a-bear. And I made the cutest little bear. His name is Cooper and he has the most adorable brown eyes ever. And I took him on the airplane and smooshed him up against the window so I could sleep. Thats love.

Yea, this basically was pointless.

1 andscream

August 28th, 2005
[ mood | curious ]

Hmm...I wonder if anyone thinks I've changed from a year ago, or am I still the same boring brooke?

10 andscream

August 20th, 2005
Hii everyone

Work was fun today.

I told Mallory how ugly people shouldn't marry ugly people
because they keep making ugly people
and then I told her I was going to hell.
She agreed with me.
About me going to hell though.
But she is definitely going to give me a ride down there
she thinks everyone in jail should be lined up and shot.

And then I organized all these envelopes.
I really hate organzing, and I'm bad at it, so I suggested to my manager that she hire an envelope organizer
but she said I was doing such a good job, so she just couldn't! And then she found more
cards for me to organize.

Two gay guys came in the store today.
I always think that the first obvious give away for gay guys are their style.
Which I'm hoping they down played (so people wouldn't think they were gay)
or else they seriously need to be made over.

And I got an ipod!!!

All for now
7 andscream

The first day of school....which surprising was not bad [Monday
August 8th, 2005
[ mood | disappointed ]

The first day of school is over. Yay.
And now we have 179 more days to go.
Yes, I know its sad that I'm already counting down the days till freedom.
All my teachers have been nice so far...
but it's just a matter of weeks before they turn evil.
And I think Mr. Sousa is a possible candidate for my favorite teacher. We'll see.


7 andscream

August 4th, 2005
If anyone is bored sitting at home you can come to Fort Myers Beach and see me!

Just ask Natasha, she had a greattt time.

We have ceral and milk if you get hungry.

There is no subject [Wednesday
August 3rd, 2005
[ mood | mellow ]

Time for PicturesCollapse )

4 andscream

I'm kinda just rambling...ya know [Monday
August 1st, 2005
[ mood | dorky ]

you know when you start laughing at something that isn't funny
but then you keep laughing
and you can't stop
and when you try to stop
you just can't help it and you snort

i just did that like a bazillion times

me and tara tip-toed into our parents room
to hang a HAPPY BiRTHDAY poster on my dads bathroom mirror
because its my dads birthday...go figure
and tara had this genius idea to tape it on the bathroom mirror
which you have to go through the bedroom to get to
so we put on our oversized italian slippers, stolen from a hotel in florence
and open the door
and start cracking up

so its my turn for a genius idea now
i tape our mouths shut so we can't laugh
but i do that after i ask tara if she can breathe out of her nose
and she started becoming excited and taped my nose and mouth
so right now i can't breathe and i can't stop laughing
we walk into their room again
and of course the tape doesn't work
so we run into our bathroom
and i close BOTH doors so we can continue to
laugh our heads off without being heard
we go BACK into the room
and this is the last try
once we get midway into the room
which we've never managed to reach before
i start laughing
so tara starts laughing
and then my mom says
"whaaaaaaaat, whaaaaats going on, eh?
yes she sounded exactly like that
so i ignore her because i'm determined to finally reach the bathroom
and tara says something to shut her up
meets me in the bathroom
we start taping
and i actually look at the poster
and the "h" in birthday is like a foot higher than the rest of the letters in birthday
arghhh so whatever
i'm not even going to say happy birthday tomorrow because of what me and tara went through tonight

i bet he heard us sneaking into their room
i just hope he acts surprised tomorrow..or today

2 andscream

God save the queen...but kill the king [Friday
July 22nd, 2005
[ mood | awake ]

If you don't wear deoderant.
And you probably will die.
If you smell yourself.
You know how they spray farms with insecticide.
Well, I wish they could just spray people with nice smelling stuff.
And you can thank this large man, sitting behind me in the movies for this lovely entry.

Did anyone think that man, with the shovel, and creepy eyeballs, in War of the Worlds, was going to molest Dakota Fanning?
Yea, I did.

3 andscream

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